June 9, 2024

IVPN Review | TechRadar: A Closer Look

IVPN is a virtual private network service that offers secure and private internet access to its users. TechRadar recently reviewed the service, analyzing its features, advantages, disadvantages, and overall performance. Here is a closer look at what TechRadar had to say about IVPN.

IVPN Features

IVPN offers a range of features for its users, including multi-hop VPN, kill switch, DNS leak protection, and zero-logs policy, among others. The multi-hop VPN allows users to connect to two servers at once, increasing their privacy and security. The kill switch feature ensures that internet traffic is blocked in case the VPN connection drops, protecting users’ data from being exposed. DNS leak protection prevents sensitive information like IP addresses from being leaked through DNS requests. IVPN’s zero-logs policy means that the service does not collect any user data, ensuring complete anonymity.

Advantages and Disadvantages

TechRadar highlights several advantages of using IVPN, such as its strong privacy protections, fast connection speeds, and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, IVPN is compatible with multiple platforms and devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. However, the review also points out some of the service’s drawbacks. For instance, IVPN is relatively expensive compared to other VPN services. Moreover, the device limit for simultaneous connections is limited to five.


Based on TechRadar’s testing, IVPN provides excellent performance in terms of speed, reliability, and security. The review notes that IVPN’s servers consistently offered low latency, and the overall connection speed was excellent. Additionally, IVPN uses robust encryption protocols to secure user data, ensuring that users’ privacy and anonymity are protected.


Q: Is IVPN’s zero-logs policy trustworthy?
A: Yes, IVPN’s zero-logs policy is trustworthy, as the service has been independently audited and verified to meet its claims.

Q: How many devices can connect to IVPN simultaneously?
A: IVPN allows up to five devices to connect simultaneously.

Q: Is IVPN affordable?
A: IVPN is relatively expensive compared to other VPN services. However, its excellent features and performance make it worth the price for many users.

Q: What platforms does IVPN support?
A: IVPN supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

In conclusion, IVPN is a robust and reliable VPN service that provides users with strong privacy protections, excellent performance, and multiple features. While it may be relatively expensive compared to other VPN services, its overall benefits make it worth considering for those seeking secure and private internet access.
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