April 18, 2024

Zoll, a vendor in medical technology, has had one million sensitive records stolen.


Zoll Medical, a company that builds hardware and software for the healthcare industry, filed a report with the Office of the Maine Attorney General earlier this month, in which it detailed the hack that resulted in its data theft.As reported by Spiceworks, the company filed the document on March 10, in which it claims to have detected the breach on January 28. Furthermore, the report says the company cut the attackers’ access to sensitive data five days later, on February 2.During the incident, hackers stole sensitive data, belonging to both to company employees and consumers. Apparently, more than a million people were affected by the breach.

Police notified

The company further explained that data stolen includes people’s names, addresses, dates of birth, as well as Social Security Numbers. Furthermore, some details regarding the purchase of Zoll products have also been obtained, such as whether customers used, or planned on purchasing, the LifeVest wearable cardioverter defibrillator.”We consulted with third-party cybersecurity experts to assist with our response to and remediation of the incident, and we notified law enforcement and federal and state regulatory agencies as required by law,” the company wrote in the filing.The details of the developments that led to the data exfiltration are unclear. We don’t know if any malware was involved, or if the company actually suffered a ransomware attack. The company did not detail if the threat actors used phishing, or any other social engineering methods, to breach the network and its endpoints.For hackers everywhere, personal data is a gold mine that can easily be monetized, either by reselling it on dark web forums or using it in phishing and identity theft attacks. With healthcare firms holding huge amounts of sensitive personal data, it’s no wonder that they’re among the most targeted organizations in the world.“Understanding and tracking the personal health information (PHI) data one holds is a priority for all healthcare organizations,” commented Jocelyn Houle, Senior Director, Data Governance at Securiti. “Techniques such as data masking can enable key business users to leverage patient data while minimizing the damage caused by a security breach. It’s equally important to deploy automation to identify which patient’s data lives where and for what purposes it is used to honor patient privacy rights and understand the regulatory impact of an unfortunate data breach.”Via: Spiceworks (opens in new tab)

Med tech vendor Zoll has one million sensitive records stolen

Med tech vendor Zoll, a manufacturer of medical devices and related software and services, has suffered a data breach that led to one million sensitive records being stolen. The breach took place in late December, but was only recently discovered. According to reports, the attackers were able to gain access to Zoll’s systems by exploiting a known vulnerability in their virtual private network (VPN) infrastructure. The stolen data includes personal information such as names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers, as well as information related to medical devices and equipment.

How did the breach occur?

The breach occurred due to a known vulnerability in Zoll’s virtual private network (VPN) infrastructure. Attackers were able to exploit this vulnerability to gain access to Zoll’s systems and steal sensitive data.

What data was stolen?

One million sensitive records were stolen, including personal information such as names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers, as well as information related to medical devices and equipment.

What is Zoll doing to address the breach?

Zoll is working with law enforcement and cybersecurity experts to investigate the breach and determine the extent of the damage. They have also notified affected individuals and are offering them free credit monitoring services. Additionally, Zoll is taking steps to enhance their security measures and prevent future data breaches.
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