June 12, 2024

New Safari 17 Preview Enables Browser Testing Prior to macOS Sonoma Launch


Apple is giving more people the opportunity to try out Safari 17 before it launches on macOS Sonoma as it has recently released Safari Technology Preview 173.Up to this point, the only way people could use the revamped Safari was to install the Sonoma beta onto their Mac. With this preview, Ventura users can now see what all the fuss is about without having to commit to downloading the beta.There are, however, restrictions. Safari 17 on Ventura excludes some of the more impactful changes in the update leaving the browser with mostly developer tools. The preview introduces Live Text support to recognize vertical text in images and videos. A tweaked Responsive Design Mode will further enhance the responsiveness of a webpage. Then there’s the new Feature Flags section offering easier access to experimental features from Apple.It appears Safari 17 on Ventura is not the most recent build of the updated browser, which is one reason why users on that system won’t get all of the bells and whistles. If you do want all the bells and whistles, you’ll need to first install the Sonoma beta on your Mac and then upgrade Safari to the 173 preview build.

Exclusive to the Sonoma beta

After installing the build, you’ll get four new features; three of which were first seen during WWDC 2023. You have the long overdue inclusion of Profiles to Safari so people can share their Mac computer with friends or family while maintaining their privacy. Private Browsing on Sonoma will now lock your “windows when not in use” while also adding protection against “advanced techniques used to track” people online. Plus, you’ll be able to add websites to your Mac Dock for instant access.The only new addition is a “redesigned text cursor” utilizing your system’s accent color. So if your Mac’s accent color is red, the text cursor will be red too. The rest of the 173 preview build consists of either a developer tool or bug fixes, including newfound support for the JPEG XL image and HEIC file formats and addressing videos going black “when exiting picture-in-picture”. Nothing major. No word when the enhanced search function or passkey sharing will arrive in a Safari or Sonoma beta.


If you’re interested in trying out Safari 17, head on over to Apple’s Developer website and then download the browser that best fits the macOS you’re running. Your computer will walk you through the process. The best part is it’s available to everyone. You don’t need to be a developer to try it out although developers will probably be the ones to get the most out of the build. 9to5Mac states that Safari 17 will be its own standalone app so it won’t replace the main browser. You can uninstall it anytime you want. Also, remember this is a preview build. The final product may look different.

New Safari 17 Preview: Experience the Browser Ahead of macOS Sonoma Release

Apple enthusiasts excited about the upcoming macOS Sonoma release have another reason to rejoice. The tech giant has introduced a new Safari 17 preview, allowing users to test out the browser before it officially arrives on macOS Sonoma. This early access opportunity gives users a chance to explore the new features and improvements Apple has implemented to enhance their browsing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Safari 17 Preview?

The Safari 17 preview is an early version of Apple’s web browser that allows users to get a sneak peek of the latest updates before its official release on macOS Sonoma. It provides users with an opportunity to test new features and provide feedback to Apple before the final version is launched.

2. How can I access the Safari 17 preview?

To access the Safari 17 preview, you need to be running macOS Sonoma, the upcoming operating system from Apple. Once you have macOS Sonoma installed on your device, you can download and install the Safari 17 preview from the Apple Developer website.

3. What new features can I expect from Safari 17?

Safari 17 brings a host of new features and improvements to enhance your browsing experience. It introduces improved privacy controls, enhanced tab management options, built-in translation capabilities, and improved performance for faster browsing speed. Additionally, Apple has focused on improving compatibility with web standards and addressing security vulnerabilities.

4. Can I provide feedback or report bugs for the Safari 17 preview?

Yes, Apple strongly encourages users to provide feedback and report any bugs or issues they encounter while using the Safari 17 preview. This helps Apple identify and address any remaining issues before the official release. Users can provide feedback through the Feedback Assistant application included with the Safari 17 preview.

Overall, the new Safari 17 preview allows users to explore the latest advancements in Apple’s web browsing experience. It ensures a smoother transition to the upcoming macOS Sonoma and provides a platform for users to contribute to the refinement of the browser before its official release.

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